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Freight Equipment

We are a freight company and truck broker that provides a seamless logistics experience to everyone we serve.

Our emphasis on delivering exceptional service drives us to act with integrity in all facets of our operations, especially in every interaction with our clients and carriers. This approach to serving our clients makes us the go-to third-party logistics team for customers throughout the country.

Semi Trucks

Semi trucks are the backbone of American industry. They’re the workhorses that transport your products, making sure they get to where they need to go on time and in perfect condition.

At Transport-One, we understand how important it is to have a semi truck that works for you, so we carry all of the major brands. From Kenworth to Peterbilt to Volvo and Mack, we can get you exactly what you need without breaking the bank. We’ll even help you find financing if necessary!


We know you need a quality trailer for your cargo, and we have just the thing. Whether you need to transport frozen food, poultry, toys, or timber, our dry vans, reefers, and flatbeds are ready to go.

If you’re just getting started with trucking and aren’t sure where to start, we can help! Our experts are here to answer any questions you have about getting started with trucking.

Reefers | Refrigerated trucks Transport One

Dry Vans

Our dry vans are designed to handle all kinds of cargo— ideal for both short-distance and long-distance hauling. With our dry vans, your goods will be safe and secure on the road, so you can rest easy knowing that they’ll arrive safely at their destination!

Reefers | Refrigerated trucks Transport One


If you’re looking to transport temperature-sensitive, perishable cargo, look no further than Reefers.

Reefers are refrigerated trailers used to transport fruits, vegetables, meat, frozen food and other similar items. They can control temperature ranging from −80°F up to 100°F. Most of them are powered by diesel-powered generators.

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