National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2022- History and Idea

As an American, You all may have heard about National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Many of us, know about this Week when all Americans show their love and appreciation towards Truck Drivers and Logistics specialists. But, in this Article, We’ll discuss the History, Messages, and Core Ideas of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.


In 1998, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week was founded by American Trucking Associations. Since then, it has become an important week and celebration for not truck drivers, but also the whole population. Every Person this week, try to honor truck drivers for their faithful and loyal services. Celebrated in the second week of September, National Truck Driver Association week brings all truck drivers under one roof to celebrate their Job.

Idea and Messages-

There is a kind and thoughtful reasons to celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week-

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Truck Drivers have been in the country since the late 19th Century. Truck Drivers are not only a backbone of the American Trucking Industry but have also delivered our goods on time with full safety for years. And they deserve every applause.

Truck Drivers move America. They say goodbye to their family to supply the need for yours.

How National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is Celebrated in America?

Within Trucking Industry-

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is celebrated in a very unique way in America, Unlike anything. This week, Most of the truck stops and trucking Companies and organizations show their love and appreciation for all Truck Drivers. These Companies make deals with Drivers and hire new truck Drivers. Moreover, several gifts are given to Truck Drivers.

Common People-

Apart from Trucking Industry, all other people also celebrate in their way to honor truck Drivers. People make cards and send them to Truck Drivers, they know or are in touch with them. Furthermore, many Kindergarten Schools also organize several competitions such as drawing making, Card making, and more to honor Truck Drivers. In Return, Many Truck Drivers also offer a ride to Children on their respective Trucks.

Social Media-

Now, Let’s talk about Social Media. Like any other Celebration, Many hashtags and posts are shared to honor Truck Drivers. #ThankATrucker #NTDAW #ILoveTrucks are some of the primary hashtags, which are used to celebrate this week.

Facts- National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

  • According to the US BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), there are more than 1 Million Professional tractor-trailer truck drivers in the country.
  • According to American Trucking Association, as of 2015, there are more than 3.5 Million employees as Truck Drivers (Professional and Unprofessional).
  • Furthermore, Most American truck drivers are big fans of Country Music and hard-rock and pop punk Music.

Love to all Truck Drivers from Transport One-

Transport One, A premiere logistics and leading Trucking company in California with a trusted record of excellence, believes in the idea to love and show respect to Truck Drivers. Moreover, Our Company was born out of the frustration of drivers being treated like second-class citizens in the country. From the TEAM of TRANSPORT ONE and our ALL EMPLOYEES, we want well-being and LOVE FOR ALL TRUCK DRIVERS.

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